President’s Research Excellence (PRE) Catalyst Award

Catalyst diagram overviewOhio State faculty from Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), Physics, and Chemistry were awarded a 2021 Catalyst Grant through the Ohio State President’s Research Excellence (PRE) program to develop novel quantum bits for QIST networks. The Catalyst Grant award is a university-wide program that supports cross- and interdisciplinary teams to pursue high-impact research and address challenges of societal importance. The interdisciplinary team includes:

Lead Principal Investigator

  • Ronald M. Reano, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering


  • Daniel Gauthier, Professor, Department of Physics
  • Ezekiel Johnston-Halperin, Professor, Department of Physics
  • Roland Kawakami, Professor, Department of Physics
  • Gregory Lafyatis, Professor, Department of Physics
  • Alexander Sokolo, Assistant Professor, College of Arts and Sciences

The team will be investigating the creation of quantum bits from fundamental principles involving quantum theory, spectroscopy, and integrated waveguides.

Press Releases